Plates of 12x22mm Petri dishes with 18mm holes and #1.5 cover glass (box of 20 plates), $200.00 per box.

(Catalog Number: PDP00002-20)

Our glass bottom plates are made with German optic cover glass and non-toxic adhesive. The plates were sterilized using Gamma radiation. These plates are ideal for cell culture and live-cell imaging.

Each item contains 1 box of 20 plates. Each plate contains 4x3 of 22 mm Petri dishes. The plates were individually packed. Within the plates are 22 mm glass bottom dishes with an 18 mm well and #1.5 German cover glass.

The shipping and handling cost for this item is estimated to be $20 for 1 box, $30 for 2-3 boxes, and $40 for 4 and more boxes.