Cell E&G is dedicated in promoting cutting-edge live-cell FRET imaging technologies. We provide services enabling FRET imaging and analysis of specific molecular activity in single live cells. Recent progress in molecular therapy has highlighted the importance of specific inhibitors in targeting malfunctioning molecules and pathways in cancer. Commercially available tests can conveniently evaluate the potential of specific kinase or protease inhibitors at the protein level. However, there is a lack of technology to accurately evaluate the effect of inhibitors in live cells. The fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technology and FRET-based biosensors provide solutions to this need. The market size for live-cell imaging assays in oncology R&D spending is estimated to be $4.5 billion within US and $9 billion worldwide annually, based on data from Statista Inc. and the Contract Research Organization (CRO) listing in San Diego.

The application of a FRET biosensor for drug screening. Cancer (red) and normal (blue) cells from biopsy samples can be introduced with FRET biosensors to detect cancerous molecular activities such as BCR_ABL kinase activity. FRET scanning can identify cancer cells and quantify their cancerous activities on the basis of the FRET signals. The biopsy samples and cells expressing the biosensors can be subjected to different drug treatments to assess the efficacy of different drugs in inhibiting the target molecular activities (Lu S. et al. 2010 Clinical Cancer Research).

The FRET biosensors provide a ratiometric readout of enzymatic activity for targeted kinases, which is superior to intensity-based fluorescence proteins in live-cell assays. Our partner research team develops FRET biosensors for specific and sensitive readout of molecular activities in live cells, including kinases and proteases important for migration and cancer invasion. To further enhance the usability of FRET biosensors as imaging tools and increase their transfection efficiency in cells, we are providing convenient FRET biosensor tools for imaging, such as biosensor plasmids of high purity, viral vectors with the biosensors, and cell lines stably expressing the biosensors. 

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